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Two tango teachers (see photo)
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Argentine tango is the art of precise and neat movements. The easy and natural style of the pair's dancing is the necessary condition and the result of the mastery of their dance technique.

The specific principles of moving and holding the body as one of the conditions for the dancing, differ dramatically from the common classical touch dancing, a form of European tango.
Tango Argentino is also called Salon tango. The basic principle of the Salon tango is improvisation in dance which is based on the "lead and follow" principle.
The man initiates the movement by a lead, a direction, an opening to which the woman responds.
The intangible contact between the partners indicating a high level of their excellence is expressed by the fascinating legwork conforming to the musical rhythm.
Tango is more than just a set of basic steps and dance movements; eventually each dancer creates his or her unique style, based on individual features of the person.
Thus, the Argentine tango does not come merely to a number of technical elements.
It is a complex art, relating the individual and his or her way of dancing.
By revealing the inner and outer world of dance a person gets a chance to perceive a new quality of moving.
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